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Between Then and Now...Life Happened!

This is my first post in 2020 and the last one I had published was way back in September 2019. Almost a year that is! Many still lie in the draft state and I hope they see the light of day sometime soon :).

So much happened in the last one year that it was overwhelming and in the process the blog was sadly neglected. Sometimes, it was the lack of inspiration while in other cases it was lack of time trying to balance a full time job, home and an unstable health.

Last October, when the lights of Diwali dispelled the darkness in the houses and the fireworks lit up the sky, a little heart started beating inside me. I became pregnant! The discovery was a life changing moment but the journey was a bumpy one. My health started throwing curveballs every now and then.

And just when I thought things are getting better, Corona virus struck. The Covid situation fortunately, was much better in Australia than in many other parts of the world, but there were anxious moments, stress, extra caution to be exercised at each step. A bunch of new rules were setup for doctor's visits, hospital stay, visiting friends and family. My parents could not come over from India because of the travel ban and from March I barely stepped outside home.

Fast forward to this day, I became a mum to a baby girl in June. My little angel is growing up quickly and with each passing day, she is learning new skills and making me fall in love with life more and more. In spite of the sleepless nights and tiring days, her smile lights up my world like sunshine after a dark stormy day. It urges me not to give up doing what makes me happy. What soothes my soul, infuses positivity in my being.

And blogging is something I missed a lot. To see my thoughts as words on a screen is sheer joy to me. Hope my upcoming posts also spread some cheer at a time when we are all coping to an upside down world.

See ya soon,


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