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Photo Diary - Road Trip to Hassans Walls Lookout, Lithgow

If you are following me on Instagram, you would know that we had a three week long vacation in Europe in Spring. Unfortunately, from the time we came back, there were multiple health issues for both of us and if you throw in a dash of laziness to that mix, you know why those travels never featured on the blog. But I promise, they will follow soon!

Coming to today's post, we went to the Hassan's Wall Lookout in Lithgow with some close family friends and it was completely on their recommendation. The journey was scenic and took us along the winding roads of the Blue Mountains. The last 3 Km stretch is an off the tarmac drive that takes you to the lookout.

Though there are picnic benches, there are no toilets in the immediate vicinity. Also, if you planning to buy a grub, you need to drive for few more minutes to the Lithgow town center.

However, the spectacular view of the Hartley valley and the surrounding mountains makes it worthwhile. You can see miles of unobstructed views since this is the highest lookout point in the Blue Mountains. Absolutely, worth the effort!

This is a place for some great photo opportunities and the small cave (below) added to that. For the rest, I will let the pictures do the talking.

p.s: With this post, the bong boy makes a debut on the blog :)

Till next time,


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