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How To Make The Most Of Life Without Losing Yourself

Recently, I have come to know about Blinkist, which is an app/service for non-fiction lovers. If you want to get the gist of a book but those 300 odd pages look like a daunting feat, here you have a summarized version of the key takeaways that you can read or listen to in 15 minutes. Quite doable, right?

This happened to be the inspiration for today's post. Though I prefer to read the a-to-z of a book, I understand that not everyone does. When I completed reading 'Shine- How to make the most of life without losing yourself' by Samantha Armytage (which needless to say, I loved!), I thought of jotting down few things from the book which struck a chord with me.

To give some context on the author, Samantha is a well-known name in Australian television as the co-host of the immensely popular morning show 'Sunrise'. In this book, she provides her insight into diverse topics and shares some of her own personal anecdotes. In her own words, it's the "Girls guide to life" and covers everything from ego to eyebrows, money handling to mentoring, insurance to Instagram. The tone is more like an elder sister, who has picked up a thing or two through her journey and shares with us, without sounding preachy.

So here it is, 11 of Sammy's wisdom nuggets:

  • You may not always be the most beautiful in the room, but you can be the best groomed and the most sparkling performer.

  • I feel much more attractive and together than I felt at 21. As you grow older you can contribute to society in a more positive and productive way. You don't care what other people think of you so much and you trust your instincts more. You often have a better haircut, too.

  • Be in control of your finances. Do not leave this up to a man, and never expect a man to be the solution to all your cash flow problems. Know where your money is AT ALL TIMES.

  • Set standards in everything from relationships, to work, clothing, linen and books. Work on yourself to ensure you are the person who makes your life complete. Reconsider any relationships you have that might be toxic.

  • Remember, holding a grudge is letting someone live rent-free in your head. The best revenge is success. Stick to your guns and live your life.

  • If you feel burnt out, stressed, overworked and exhausted - you draw on your masculine energy to help you through and it's easy to lose touch with your feminine side. Use your feminity, your softness, your nurturing side. You can still be bold.

  • Try to find a person with whom you can talk about everything to. It's actually best of this person is not a family member, a pal or someone who will blab. It's perfectly fine to go to a paid professional for a chat.I have a brilliant woman I occasionally visit who is like a mother, sister, employment consultant, priest and girlfriend all rolled into one. I call her my 'life coach'.

  • You don't necessarily need to be 'happy' all the time.No one is happy all the time, so constantly striving for this notion of 'happiness' is not realistic.

  • Make a 'to-do' list for your life, and a bucket list, too. Think about how you'd like people to talk about you in your eulogy and live that way.

  • Women are generally terrible at delegating. Its all about trusting that other people can handle things and asking them to help you. Learn to say 'No' to things at work and in your home life if they are more than you can handle.

  • Try to choose the best clothes you can afford. An expensive purchase can be justified on a cost-per-wear ratio. Avoid buying anything that won't go with at least three other things in your wardrobe. Being understated is always more chic and stylish. Don't try too hard.

Hope you liked this post.Till next time, take care.



Photography: Vid's Picsography

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