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6 Things To Do To Feel Better

I love reading. Be it books, magazines, online articles - anything which ticks with me. However, I have noticed a slight change in my library haul patterns, I have started looking at the self help section more than ever. Possibly, because I am always striving to be better than the day before- learning from mistakes, from people and always critically evaluating myself (sometimes harsh too, not that its healthy!).

But I am also that kind of person who wants to look good, feel great and be at peace with the universe without putting much effort. So here it is. My list of 6 highly doable things which can make your feel so much better about yourself.

Wake Up Earlier

I have reset the alarm to 20 mins prior to earlier and I can tell you my morning seems to be longer now. It also sets a positive tone to the day and gives me a small window to organize my thoughts to take on the world.

Go For A Walk

People who do not think of hitting the gym as a chore, you are awesome and I am jealous of you! But for others (you might have guessed which bucket I can be put into), going for a walk counts as exercise- something that does not feel like doing too much but still gives a burst of energy and surge of the endorphins which trigger a positive feeling.

Express your feelings

In our day to life we have to interact with tons of people and though the world is a beautiful place, not all of those we meet are particularly nice to us.It becomes more like "dealing" with them than essentially interacting. While you cannot control words and actions of others, you can voice our disappointment at certain behaviors and if a reasonable threshold is crossed, be firm with what you are not willing to accept. Communicating that is important because otherwise it converts to stress and trust me, people do end up respecting those who can speak up for themselves.

Make Me Time A Priority

This is easier said than done specially for women with small kids who demand all your time and attention.As paradoxical it seems, the busier you are in life, the more important it is to set aside some time doing things that can put you in a calmer state of mind. While for many, meditation or yoga helps them connect deeply with their inner selves, any leisurely or creative activity (reading a book, painting) that does not come with a deadline, infuses some freshness into life.

Reward Yourself

There are more chances of achieving something if there is a reward associated with it. It can be a spa break, a material possession or a trip outside the city -something that you can look forward to and is good enough to keep to motivated. Not to forget, the ability to attain your target, gives a huge boost to your self confidence.

Connect with Friends/Family

I have a friend who sends me cards (like physical cards complete with postage stamp and all) from India to Sydney and I cannot explain that fuzzy feeling. It's a wonderful feeling to know that some people love you no-matter-what. As much as Whats app and Face-time are convenient, picking up the phone just to say hi ranks way higher.It conveys that you care about the person and give importance to the relationship.

I would love to know something that you do to make yourself feel better!



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