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I am nicer when I like my outfit!

I kid ! But have you noticed how much more sophisticated one looks when one wears a saree ? (and I am NOT talking about the bling / shiny ones that need shades to look at). It covers up your flaws like nobody's business and adds that lady like poise which is otherwise almost never there (at least for me ).

I miss wearing salwar kameez / kurtis to office in India where it is also considered formal attire. Living in Sydney, I hardly get many opportunities to wear Indian wear so the few days I do get, there is no way to let go of it. One such was the Diwali celebration in office where I wore this linen saree.

Coming to office, I have realised that a major chunk of my 3 a.m friends are people who I had initially started off with, as colleagues. Then came the discovery of common interests , aligned thought processes and some of them became part of the inner circle. Interestingly, in my adult life, these friends have influenced my decisions - whether professional aspirations or life choices and more often than not, their suggestions have been spot on.

Now why am I doing this monologue on 'colleagues-turned-friends' ? If you have followed this blog, you would know that I shifted to Sydney in the early part of this year and one part of me was sceptical that the equations would change and the cherished bonds would soon fizzle out. But guess what? I was wrong and cant be happier with that :) . In fact, once I started working here, my colleagues became my first buddies and guiding lights through the whole unsettling process of settling down! I am so so thankful to you!

Do you have good buddies at work?

p.s : The pictures in this post were clicked by one such beautiful soul whom I met at work few months back and hence the rambling!

p.p.s: I am told I am not much an expressive person ( feedback provider = hubby ) and while I find it difficult to say good things on the face , I am trying other options, you see :) ?

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