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Monthly Round Up | July

OMG, is July really over already? Can't believe how the days just breezed past! This was a month high on the social calendar - I met so many new people and clicked instantly with quite a few of them. Also, caught up with some old friends over smiles and coffee. On another note, the coldest month of winter is over now and I can't be happier. Less struggle to sniggle out of the quilt, make breakfast, pack lunch, get ready (read makeup) and step out - all in an hour is so real frantic. In the month end, there was a huge sale at Priceline and while few of my friends got their stashes full, I had to be content with few products when I could manage only 15 minutes on the last day and most of the things I wanted were already taken. Nevertheless, I got this. I am not a haul person, but if I find products that I am sure, I would use much, give it a go. Planning to do a mini-review for each of these, what say?

I finally finished reading 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving F*ck' and I found it to be so refreshingly different from other books of the same genre. Now I know why everyone was raving about this one across social media platforms. I archived this one ( I read on Kindle) and hope to read it again this year (Its that good). The next one I picked up was Jeffrey Archer's story 'Too Many Coincidences' and could stop well past midnight, only when I have finished it! Currently reading Emily Giffin's 'All We Ever Wanted' and is such a welcome break from romantic narratives. If you are looking for some light yet not chick- lit novel, do give this a try (hope the end is not disappointing!)

I am so sad that Masterchef Australia 2018 finally came to an end but more than happy that Sashi Cheliah won (spoiler alert for people waiting for the series to begin overseas ) - he championed Indian flavours so many times. A fantastic show of how one can win by playing it big on our strengths.

That's all for now, some exciting posts coming up, so stay tuned!!



Disclaimer: Monthly Roundup image courtesy- Brin's book blog

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