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Tips to plan your facial

You are flipping pages through your favorite magazine or surfing the net and you see a picture of a lady serenely wrapped in a towel, some exotic mask on her face and you feel like it’s been quite a while that your skin got the much needed pampering. While the relaxing experience and the glow on your face can depend much on the skills of your specialist, planning well can actually can help you maximize the benefits, not to forget that these session come at a dear price.

Book your time in advance :

Make sure you make your appointment well in advance and if you are looking for any specific beautician, call that out categorically. This way, you don’t have to wait. Also, your specialist will plan her schedule accordingly so that you are not rushed through the ritual.

Do not go for any Laser treatment, Waxing or Threading after the facial. If such basic beauty treatments are due, make sure that you get them done before the facial.


Yes time again! Choose a time slot where you can step out of the salon when there is no harsh sun. I prefer to do facials that ends in the evening. Away from the sunlight. Some facial, like the ones rich in Vitamin C can cause skin blemish if you step in the sunlight right after the treatment.


My fetish is to always go for a reputed salon close to your home. This way you can minimize exposure to smoke and pollution for your just exfoliated skin.


Either you can go for it on a day when you have nothing much planned, or if you can, Friday evening can be a good time. After work you get to relax as well as if you skip sunlight the next morning, you can limit time spent outside after a facial since some chemical exfoliation can leave skin more photosensitive.

Shampoo Schedule:

And now the last one! While most of the specialists strongly negate using face wash for 48 hours following your session, shampooing can have the same effect. If you think your hair is greasy, get the wash done at the salon itself. That way, the soap water does not trickle down your face.

Disclaimer : All the images used in this post are sourced from Google. First image by Photo by Artem Bali from Pexels

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